Terms and Conditions of Use

The following are the terms and conditions of use of this website including and not limited to the membership database system.

  1. Definitions of terms
    1. “Website” means this series of pages (“web pages”) of information that you are currently using and viewing.
    2. “User” and “you” means a person using this website.
    3. “ANCPL” means the “African National Congress (ANC) Professionals League”, an organisation formed under the aegis of the ANC, whose website this is.
    4. “Member” means a user of this website who has signed up for the membership section.
    5. “Member not in good standing” means a member subjected to a disciplinary process as defined in the ANC Constitution, or, a member who has not paid his or her membership fee for over a year.
    6. “Hacking” means attacking a computer system via a digital connection so as to gain access to information in that system.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. You, the user, hereby give the ANCPL custodianship of the data that you submit to this website.
    2. You hereby hold the ANCPL harmless in the event of any data breaches due to e.g. negligence on your part in terms of your password strength, overwhelming malicious attacks on the website, acts of God, or other factors beyond the control of ANCPL. You hereby recognise that the ANCPL will do all in its powers to protect your data in terms of the POPI Act, however, the ANCPL makes no guarantees in that regard due to the severity of online crime. You will therefore render the minimum necessary information that the website requires and no more, in particular, and for example, if you do not require post, there is no need to provide your actual postal address, and so on.
    3. You the user are hereby required to select a strong password to protect your data, no fewer than 8 characters, preferably not based on an English word.
    4. You accept that the website and membership system are provided “as is” and are not pronounced fit for any purpose and may malfunction from time to time due to factors beyond the control of ANCPL such as power failures, lightning strikes, failure of backup systems, malicious hacking attacks, theft of servers, etc.
    5. You accept that the membership fee is ad hoc and decided from time to time by the National Working Committee (NWC), who will determine its value and the frequency of the invoices. At a later date, again to be determined ad hoc by the NWC, the matter of fees and the amounts required will be voted upon by members in good standing.
    6. You accept that by signing up you are committing to be a member of both the ANC and the ANCPL and that you will pay membership fees to both. However, membership fees due to the ANC will be paid separately by yourself unless notified otherwise and paid directly to the ANC until notified otherwise.
    7. You understand that you will be invoiced ad hoc by the system at the determination of the NWC for an amount determined by the NWC which will be within reason; not less than the annual ANC fee of R 20 but not more than R 1000 per annum, and most probably significantly less.
    8. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the terms of the ANCPL Constitution as well as the ANC Constitution and the Freedom Charter. All of these documents are available on our Documents Page.